Dr Edmund Chow’s bespoke signature programmes gravitate around these four areas: (i) leadership and executive presence, (ii) public speaking and storytelling, (iii) crisis and conflict management, (iv) emotions and values.

These programmes are highly experiential, often involving elements of theatre, improvisation, and role playing. Dr Chow incorporates examples from practice while supplementing theories and knowledge from grounded research.


I’ve known Ed for more than five years, and it is a joy to write this much deserved testimonial on his unique skills and talent. Ed is a walking powerhouse. He oozes energy and empathy – which is rare combo indeed – and one that I must have subliminally realised I needed when I reached out for his help, in preparation for a crucial do-or-die Board meeting. I had limited time to prepare what needed to be a thoughtful and flawless presentation, and Ed and I mapped-out a schedule on content and rehearsals. It was not until he was sitting cross-legged on my living room floor, scribbling notes, that I realised how valuable it was to have someone totally independent of content and
company, hearing me out and highlighting the invisible “trees” from my forest of verbiage.Content and structure in hand, and in very little time at all, he managed to teach me how to inspire my audience, through a powerful and very personal story-telling technique. The result was a polished, no dry eyes in the house presentation, which would make both me and my content, very memorable (in a great way!) to the powerful business men in the boardroom. If he can get spare you his time, engage him. He’s a treasure.
Edmund led a leadership communication workshop for the INSEAD GEMBA course, focusing on presence (physical, vocal, connection with audience). The main takeaway from the day were the techniques that allow us to deliver with conviction that "I OWN THIS SPACE". Little did we know that this has become a mantra of our cohort. These four simple words echoed among us, be it in a social atmosphere or just before someone
stands before a crowd for presentation. Every time the phrase was uttered, there was a visible uplift in spirit and you can sense the projection of energy. It's electrifying to feel that I own this space. Thanks Edmund for giving us such invaluable skills.
I have the great pleasure to be coached by Edmund who is teaching me public communication. The different sessions take me on an exciting journey, where I learn how to place and modulate my voice during a speech, how to take ownership of the space, and at the same time coordinate my gestures with the message I want to deliver. All these insights allow me to develop more confidence when
speaking in front of an audience. These skills are truly useful even in my day to day life. I would recommend anyone who feel uncomfortable about public communication to start this journey with Edmund.
I had the pleasure of meeting Edmund as part of my Global Executive MBA at Insead ( Leadership Communications ). The session was very eye opening for me in terms of how specifically to prepare and structure the format of face to face executive communication to make it impactful and memorable. I was lucky to have Edmund who was the co-author of the program as a coach and I truly enjoyed how practical, role play centric and immediate feedback focused the sessions were. Edmund creates a great atmosphere of interactive networking through discovery with
great outcomes of both self discovery and appreciation of the different styles of peers around us. Edmund’s work really lends itself to a tailored communication outcomes aimed to naturally enhance the authenticity of a leader. I subsequently attended a seminar led by Edmund on storytelling and as expected the experience was amazing which made me a permanent follower of his work.
Edmund is an extremely effective communicator and instructor. He came as a guest speaker to our class in UCLA-NUS Executive MBA to discuss about Strategic Storytelling. My takes from his teachings were: 1) Be ready to tell a story that is convincing and compelling at any time. 2) Be mindful of the delivery - portray a character that is adjusted to what you are talking. 3) Consider using different
story telling models appropriate to what you are trying to convey. All very important learnings and that I am already using them in my day to day activities, whether is giving a professional oral presentation, addressing employees and colleagues or creating written materials. Thank you!
Storytelling is a MUST HAVE skill for all leaders. While most may find it difficult, it’s amazing how simple Edmund can make it for you. I had the opportunity to be his audience as he spoke on various aspects of storytelling and participate in various activities he led. He also used multiple case studies effectively to not only highlight the importance of storytelling, but also to help audience internalize how to use those skills themselves. His teaching approach is
simple, yet comprehensive. And the best – he’s not just a great teacher of the subject, but an awesome practitioner as well. Good Luck Edmund, and may your story spread wide and far.