I’ve known Ed for more than five years, and it is a joy to write this much deserved testimonial on his unique skills and talent.

Ed is a walking powerhouse. He oozes energy and empathy – which is rare combo indeed – and one that I must have subliminally realised I needed when I reached out for his help, in preparation for a crucial do-or-die Board meeting.

I had limited time to prepare what needed to be a thoughtful and flawless presentation, and Ed and I mapped-out a schedule on content and rehearsals. It was not until he was sitting cross-legged on my living room floor, scribbling notes, that I realised how valuable it was to have someone totally independent of content and company, hearing me out and highlighting the invisible “trees” from my forest of verbiage. Content and structure in hand, and in very little time at all, he managed to teach me how to inspire my audience, through a powerful and very personal story-telling technique. The result was a polished, no dry eyes in the house presentation, which would make both me and my content, very memorable (in a great way!) to the powerful business men in the boardroom.

If he can get spare you his time, engage him. He’s a treasure.

Michael Drury
Senior Director, Communications and PR, Asia

I must say, though, that my one-year membership at [name of different organisation withheld] versus the once-a-week coaching I get from you, I’ve got a lot more from you when it comes to the story aspect. I think that’s with the guarantee that I’ve made significant progress compared to any other systems that I’ve learned so far. Because of the type of stage anchors I’ve been using and what you’ve been showing me online – with you quite in the UK and I’m quite in Trinidad and Tobago – it has made significant impact on how I remember the structure of my story. I just want to say thank you for that.

Adrian N Havelock
Regional Training Instructor for BMW

Edmund is an extremely effective communicator and instructor. He came as a guest speaker to our class in UCLA-NUS Executive MBA to discuss about Strategic Storytelling.

My takes from his teachings were:

1) Be ready to tell a story that is convincing and compelling at any time.
2) Be mindful of the delivery – portray a character that is adjusted to what you are talking.
3) Consider using different story telling models appropiate to what you are trying to convey.

All very important learnings and that I am already using them in my day to day activities, whether in giving a professional oral presentation, addressing employees and colleagues or creating written materials.

Thank you!

Rafael Monleon
General Manager, Cluster (Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia) at MSD Animal Health 
Merck | UCLA Anderson School of Management

Storytelling is a MUST HAVE skill for all leaders. While most may find it difficult, it’s amazing how simple Edmund can make it for you. I had the opportunity to be his audience as he spoke on various aspects of storytelling and participate in various activities he led. He also used multiple case studies effectively to not only highlight the importance of storytelling, but also to help audience internalize how to use those skills themselves. His teaching approach is simple, yet comprehensive. And the best – he’s not just a great teacher of the subject, but an awesome practitioner as well.

Good Luck Edmund, and may your story spread wide and far.

Rajendu Choubisa
AgroGo.com | Strategic Business Leader | UCLA-NUS EMBA | IIT-K

Edmund is a highly effective communicator and rigorous academic who never fails to show passion and dedication in his teaching. His masters course was carefully designed to maximize student engagement with the topic of applied theatre.

Ken Mizusawa
Teaching Fellow, National Institute of Education

I have worked and attended one of Edmund’s full-day training seminars here in Manchester. The way he teaches is extremely elegant and fun. He puts attendees into a variety of fun, creative and motivated tasks that support them to increase their level of skills unconsciously! He is giving a new meaning to the teaching industry that never happens before! With his years of experience, Edmund is a master at using drama for team-building, for business coaching, and for public speaking/storytelling.

George Chishios
Entrepreneur (Cyprus)

I’m a technical educational consultant, so I do presentations for a living. I’m here for Edmund Chow’s workshop. His expertise is in terms of dramatising presentations and how to be able to engage with the audience in a more meaningful way, as opposed to delivering a lecture which is just information, information, information, information.

Majid Yaseen
Director and Technical Educational Consultant, Majiclight
Life Coach (Manchester)

What was most impressive was the usage of a tool or an object as a symbol to get the message across. Indeed, while a pen is a simple tool, it can be related to education, or spices can be related to personalities and diversity. Using these symbols gives a different dimension and power to the message.

Consequently, the audience will understand better and also will very likely remember it.

Gildas Coldeboeuf
Regional Senior Sales Director, Canon
INSEAD Global Executive MBA

Ahmed Yaseen
SIMS Support Consultant


Irene Theocharous
Entrepreneur (Cyprus)


Andre Marie Eyebe
International Business Entrepreneur (Cameroon)


Chris Marais
Team Leader & Entrepreneur (Manchester, UK)


Elena Pelendritou
International Business Coach (Cyprus)