Whether you’re an executive leader, entrepreneur, or coach, you would, by now, recognise the importance of speaking well.

Making an impact in your presentation definitely goes beyond asking questions, giving a pep talk, or merely closing the sale. It is the human-to-human connection that matters. As we know, it’s the value we give to another person that matters, the changing of lives, the changing of perspectives, and the changing of habits.

One of the most powerful ways to connect with another human being is storytelling.

I love to repurpose fairy tales.

Some years ago, there was a heated discussion in my country on the banning of children’s books because there were some controversial content. It didn’t support the “traditional” view of family that comprises a man (father), woman (mother), and child through very specific means. That means single parents, adopted children, LGBT families, etc did not fall under this accepted norm. I went to record a video telling viewers that children’s stories had stepmothers who sent people to kill their stepchildren (Snow White) or kicked them out to be eaten by wolves in the woods (Hansel and Gretel). So the concept of family needs to be more inclusive. Not that the stepmothers were doing a good job, but the purpose of good vs evil in fairy tales is to teach children the shades of life, to tolerate and even embrace ambiguities. Within 24 hours, the video went viral and the local TV station called me to be on the panel of “Talking Points” on primetime the following day.

As an educator and a PhD candidate then, I naturally said yes to this opportunity — which then started my entrepreneurial journey into public speaking and storytelling.

Today, I am given incredible opportunities to work with professors and executives in business schools. I’ve decided to share some of my work with you, as I think it may be of use to you too.

I would love your feedback too.

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