If you want to ensure that your dropshipping business is profitable, there are a number of things you need to remember.  In this chapter, we will look more closely at these five golden rules to ensure that you can run a profitable business.

In order to make your business as profitable as possible, you need to find a product which will sell in sufficient quantities, as well as one which will provide you with a good mark up, in order for it to be truly profitable.  Therefore, it is important that you try to determine what the demand for the product is, and also what competition, if any, there is for this particular product.  Also, if you can, take a look at what your competition is charging for it.  You may find that some businesses will have a much lower profit margin than others, including you.

It is best when first starting out selling products using dropshipping, that you only sell a select few.  Plus, also that those that you do select are related, or can be targeted and sold to the same market set.  It is important that you do not try to sell every dropshipping product that you find, as this will help you concentrate more on marketing your goods, as well as keeping your own costs to a minimum.  Plus, you are more likely to make an impact in the market place as well.

Due to its increased popularity, it is important that you find a reputable dropshipper for your business.  Unfortunately, over recent months there have been many scams that have come to light in this particular industry.  Avoid those people who are offering to sell you lists of dropshippers for 100’s of dollars,  unfortunately many of these are middlemen who are posing as dropshippers themselves, and will then charge much more than you actually should be paying.  Remember, the whole idea of using dropshipping is to keep your costs down rather than raising them, but also still be able to make a profit at the end of the day.

Also, if you are able to, avoid the “turnkey” internet businesses which are willing to sell you a package of products, e-commerce and marketing for an exorbitant membership fee or charge you a monthly fee.  These types of businesses, you will soon find, do not actually help, but rather hinder, and you will soon find that you are not making any profit whatsoever, while they are.

However, do not let what we have written above frighten you off, instead just be aware of these pitfalls.  However, one of the best ways of finding a reputable dropshipper is through looking at such directories as “Chris Malta’s Worldwide Brands”.  This provides you with a whole list of legitimate, as well as reputable, dropshippers that you may wish consider using.

You will still need to deal with the problems associated with back orders and returns.  Unfortunately, not all the hassles associated with running a normal retail business can be eliminated from a business that is run online.  There will be times when you find that a product your customer has ordered is not in stock, and so will not be available for dispatch immediately.  Therefore, you will need to work out these matters with your dropshipper ahead of any of these problems occurring.  This will then provide you with answers that you can provide to your customer should such an event occur.

Finally, it is important that you treat your business just like any other business, so do not spam people.  Also, do not use either a personal or free web page address for your online store, and also ensure that you register the business with your County Clerk.  It is also important that you register with the Tax office so that you have a Tax ID number…and be prepared to file taxes each year.

As long as you start off by expecting that your business is going to make a decent profit, then the chances are that you will automatically see an increase in this.

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